Tuesday, August 31, 2010

When I was a boy, Japan was a poor country.But! No.8 31/8/2010

 In 1969, I entered high school. Almost people said to each other,"Japan became a big country. Economic growth will be bigger and bigger. Japanese power will be stronger and stronger." People had a big confidence.
But, but, but, Foreign countries called to Japanese,"Economic Animal." Some of foreign countries people hate Japanese. I heard the word "Yellow Monkey" many times at that time.
Young people had own cars and enjoyed ther daily lives. Those days were good days for young people.
But many many lonely heart elderly people increased. Moden social probrems began those days about 1969.
I remember the word "Don't trust over thrities," That word made a big boom. At first, that boom began in U.S.A. After Japan also  began this boom.
Heavy school activities began to many many universities all Japan. Threre were  the generation gap between
young people and old people.
I remember many many great hit songs about 1969. I felt good days.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

When I was a boy, Japan was a poor country.But! No.7 28/8/2010

In 1966, I began to go to junior high school. Japan had changed from my kinder garden days.
I thought at  at that time,"people forget Japanese spirits. Most Japanese people became economic animals."
Japan had been walking to a big economic country. Yes of course, Japan and Japanese people got many
many good things. But,lost many many traditional valuable and precious things. Japanese people lost traditional good spirits.
Japanese people's daily life became better and better. A lot of people enjoyed big receations and big trips.
When I was thirteen years old, I thought " Japan changed very much. I miss my kinder garden days."
No contact neighbors. No contact differrent generations. No contact class mates. No contact family.
The word "NO CONTACT" controlled Japanese society.
Not only kids but also elderly peope always said " We miss old Japan.Old Japan come back."
But nowadays, those days are also one of my good memories.

Friday, August 27, 2010

When I was a boy, Japan was a poor country.But! No.6 27/8/2010

 In 1964, Tokyo Olympic Game was held. People hoped to success of the game eagerly. All Japanese people supported the game. And They watch TV set. AT that time, most of Japanese people had TV set.
Japanese players made a good job of their games. They got a lot of medals. Japanese people knew foreign countries players. They also knew what world was. About Japan was one of many many countries.
I remember a lot of exciting sceans of Toyo Olympic Game. Even thougt more than forty years passed.
That game was succeeded. Japan and Japanese people had confidenses various fields.
Just Japan had chaged in 1964. After Tokyo olympic game, Japanese economic growth began.
All japanese people began to work hard every day. From morning till night. Some people worked even though Saturdays and Sundays.
Japanese people were called "Economic Animal." Some of Foreign countries people hated Japan and japanese people.
Some people of them said "Japan and Japanese people lost spirit."

Thursday, August 26, 2010

When I was a boy, Japan was a poor country.But! No,5, 26/8/2010

 In 1962, American TV shows were very very popular among Japanese people. Comedy,Western stories,
Family drama, etc.
I played with my friends Western style plsy. I had a lot of toy guns at that time. That play was very interesting thing. I rememmber that still now.
From this year, peoples salary became up and up. Japanese peoples life style had changed and changed.
People bought new electric appliances. japanese people want to get American dreams.
"American style" That sounds new and fresh. That had continued many many years. From my kids days to
my adolt days.
1962 was a special year for Japanese people. Everybody says so. I have good memories in 1962.
I was a third grade student of elementary school. About fifty years passed. But, I rememmber.---------------
I rememmber many things.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
1962 was a good year.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

When I was a boy, Japan was a poor country.But! No,4, 25/8 '10

In 1960, I begun to go to elementary school. My school life was very interrsting. But not easy. Very strict.
I was born in Kure city Hiroshima prefecture. As you know, there were Navy base in kure city.
Of course, World War 11 was end. But. People's life style was Navy style at that time. School life was very
strict but very interesting. I had a lot of fun school life.
At that time, I felt that Japanese people's after second world war life was end. and new life style began.
Actully, the year 1960 was turning point of Japan. Poeple  accepted American life style those days.
American TV show, American movie, American songs, American foods. Americanize life style was a big boom.
But, poeple never forgot Japanese good spirit. People believed " Some day Japan will back to old good days of Japan."
I remember those dys clearly. So good days. 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

When I was a boy, Japan was a poor country.But! No,3 24/8 '10

I remember,Oh,I remember good days of 1958. I was a five years old boy. At that time, $1=¥360.
Japanese yen was very cheap in 1958. But people have own powers. They spent active daily lives.
One day, my father bought TV set. Not cheap,very expensive. That price was double my father's salary.
This tresure, TVset changed my family's life style. That was the center of my family.
 Grandmother loved Sumo tounament.  Fater loved baseball. Mother loved love stories. I and my  elder
sister loved TV shows.
All member of my family had a lot of fun wathing TV. Even thogth each watched differrent things.
This year, A big proffesional baseball player appeared. That man's name was Shigeo Nagasima.
He became a big star. Supper star.
I went to the kinder garden school. That was very very good days of my life. I made many many friends.
Society continued crowded. But was changing slowly and slowly.

Monday, August 23, 2010

When I was a boy, Japan was a poor country.But! No,2 23/8 '10

 I remember. Oh, I remember Japan's more than fifty years ago days. Japan has changed his face by two years.
1956,1958,1960,1962,1964,1968.1970, These dates are very important for Japanese history.
Tokyo Olympic Game was held in 1964. Osaka Expo was held in1970.
1958,Poeple said "Japan's after war is end." But Japanese society was still crowded. I thoght that at that time
even though I was small kid.
 1958, Japanese people believed Japanese good future nice future. Japanese people's key word was "Let's 
believe Japanese future." But never say such a thing each other.
 Said heart to heart,face to face. There were no words. People had big power and big hope at that time.
That made Japan big power country.
Tokyo Olympic Game was succeeded. Poeple had big confidence. Japan's economic growth had begun.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

When I was a boy, Japan was a poor country.But!

I was born in 1953. This November I will be 57 years old. Nowadays,I often remember my kids days.
At that time, Japan was a very very poor country. Because Japan lost the war, and about only ten years passed.
 Almost Jananese peope spent daily life only 100 dallors in a month. Ordinary American people's weeky saraly is about 200-300 dallors. A lot of differrences between Japan and U.S.A.
But, we Japanese peope were very happy. People believed Japan's recover. Quickly recover.
Before 1960, people used bicycle. No car in the town. Peope got buses and trains. those were always crowded.
I spend good days at that time. All people had dreams, pretty dearms, beautiful dreams,nice dreams. Those
dreams made miracle recover of Japan. I think so.
When I was a boy, Japan was a poor country. But, very pretty country, very beautiful country, very nice county.
May be, Japanese people think same thing.