Friday, February 25, 2011

The short story novel, " The cat called Mari." No7 by Seiji Ninomiya

Just the saddest day had come. Johnson family must leave Hiroshima.
The stuation became very strict. It was two months before the war.
" Daddy may I come back U.S. with Mari? "
" Very sorry, No."
Johson family could nothing.
Susie connected ken who she met Saka beach before.
"We must come back U.S. "
" I know."
The words wasn't necessary two young people.
"Susie , come back Japan after war."
Mari was very cool as she knew the atrict stuation.
"Don't worry Mari." Ken said to Mari hoiding her.
People felt the war.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The short story novel, " The cat called Mari." No6 by Seiji Ninomiya

In 1941 summer, Johnson family went to the beach  Saka in Aki county near the Hiroshima.
That area was covered with Military color.
Susie feels that the war will begin soon. She plays  in the beach with cat Mari.
" Very pretty." Japanese boy said to said to Susie. The boy's name is Ken.
Susie and Ken play together for a while.
" If the war begin soon, you will be able to take care of Mari." She said to him.
" Yes, of course. After war finished come back to Japan Susie." he answered.
Susie cries with tears. and said " thank you very much. I wish Mari's good days.
" I love Japan."
" I love U.S."
They said to each other.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The short story novel, " The cat called Mari." No5 by Seiji Ninomiya

In 1941 summer, Hiroshima is all place Military Color.
People say, " War is near absolutely."
Special police checkes not only Mr. Johson but also Susie.
One day Police questioned Susie, " This cat from U.S.? "
Susie answered, " No, Japanese. "
One officer said to her, " Also Spy. "
Susie was very angry when she heard that.
She tried to say many things at that time.
But she bore desperately.
She cried looking mari's face.
And said, " Please spend happy days."

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The short story novel, " The cat called Mari." No4

 " This place Kure is very strict when people walk Kure town even though Japanese people."
the navy soldier said.  
" I know the situation."  Mr. Johnson answered.
" Why did you walk aroud Kure city? " high level officer said.
" I must teach English students in Kure city. "  Mr. Johnson answred.
After that, the special police check Mr. Johnson.
He wasn't able to teach English at that day.
Mr. Johnson said to his family when he backed to home, " Soon the war will begin,"
" May I back to U.S. with Mari?" " Mari said to his father.
" No, may be the ship is very crowded." He said to his daugther.
The cat Mari plays with her family as ususal because she doesn't know the strict situation.

Monday, February 21, 2011

The short story novel, " The cat called Mari." No3

One day of June in 1941, Police asks Mr. Johnson  very strictly when he goes to Kure to teach English.
" What are you doing now ? " Police asks Mr. Johnson.
Kure city in Hirosima Prefecture is Japanese navy's town.
" what is your name? " Police continue to ask.
" My name is James Johnson. Please calle me J.J. " Mr Johnson answered the question with smile.
" Don't kidding me. " Police very angry.
" Are you Spy? " He asks again.
" No. " Mr. Johnsn answered with loud voice.
Situaton is so bad..

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The short story novel,. The cat called Mari No2 18/2/2010 Seiji Ninomiya

In 1941 Spring. The situation is getting worse and worse.
" We will stay in Hiroshima the last day of good situation" Mr. Johnson said.
" Yes, Daddy. I agree your opinion." Susie said.
" I want to stay in Hiroshima with Mari." She said again.
" I know your mind." Her elder brother Tom said.
After May in 1941 , When Johnson family members go out, police check Johnson family memmbers.
That is very strict. The town in Hiroshima, many many Police and Army.
" I want to stay with Mari many years." Susie said again and agian.

Friday, February 18, 2011

The short story novel,. The cat called Mari No1 18/2/2010

1941, An American family lived in Hiroshima. The family name is johnsons. At that time, World Situation is
very strict.
One night of spring, Father said to thier children," We must go home in U.S."
Children answered Father," We know the situation. The war will begin soon,"
Daugther said to Father again, "Oh Daddy,  can we go home with the cat Mari,"
Father said to their children, " Very sorry, I must say No,"
Daugther Susie cried and caried when father said to her the words.
" Why ,Why, Why, Why War, I hete War" Susie shouted.
" Very sorry" Father said to her daugther.
The relatoin between Japan and U.S. is worse and worse day by day.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Seiji Ninomiya's Diary Feb. 3 2010

 In Japan, Diet session is sitting. Very very confusing. Because of Ozawa's issue.
A few days ago, Ozawa was indited.
Most of Japanese people's will  is resign. But Ozawa's will is no resign.
People is fed up with this issue.
What does Democratic party think?