Sunday, January 22, 2012

Let me sing, " Love me tender." Vol 7 by Seiji Ninomiya

Susan began to kiss Seiji's all parts his body.
"OH,OH,Oh, Susan. Good. Good. Good."
Seiji was crying.
" I will comfort you more and more."
Susan said to Seiji with smile.
"OH,Oh, Yeah, Yeah."
Seiji was crying again.
" Feeling good Seiji? "
" Yes, so nice. "
The love game of Susan and Seiji wasn't end.
They continued their love game.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Let me sing, " Love me tender Vol 6." by Seiji Ninomiya

Susan is exciting. She said, " Oh Seiji,. Hold me so tight."
I held her so tight.
"Kiss me more and more."
"Yes, Susan."
"My heart is burning now Seiji."
"I know, I'm also burning too."
We talked exciting words each other.
"OH,OH,OH,OH, Seiji."
"Yeah, Susan."
We are exciting more and more.
We enjoyed a special love game in hot spring in Japan.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Let me sing, "Love me tender Vol 5 by Seiji Ninomiya

Susan  and I went many Places in Japan. Famous  temples in Kyoto, the oldest shrine in Kyushu, etc.
When we went to the famous hot spring in Shikoku, she enjoyed very much.
Susan and I took the big natural bath together.
She said with soft voice, " Darling kiss me deeply."
I said to Susan, " Yes, my pleasure."
I kissed Susan so deeply.
She said with sweet voice, "I hope your next."
I kissed her breasts.
Susan was exciting more and more.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Let me sing, "Love me tender Vol 4 by Seiji Ninomiya

My girlfriend Susan taught me how to kiss.
One day Susan said to me,
"Seiji. Kiss me darling."
I kissed her cheek softy.
When I kissed her, she complained my kiss and said to me.
"I don't like that."
I said to Susan.
"Let me kiss again. Susan Teach me your favorite kiss style.
She said, "Oh Seiji, very easy. Kiss my lips deeply."
I kissed her deeply many times at that time.
After kiss, I sang,"Love me tender."
My forgettable memory.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Let me sing, "Love me tender." Vol 3 by Seiji Ninomiya

Whenever I sing, "Love me tender." My American girlfriend excited.
I think That Love Me Tender is the great song.
Now I'm the local singer even though 58 year-old.
Whenever I sing this song remembering my American girlfriend, the audiences excite.
People say, "Encore, sing again please."
The song, "Love Me Tender" is a fresh song and still shine.
Do American people know that?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Let me sing, "Love me tender." Vol2

My American girlfriend loved music. Especially 1950S 1960S songs.
Her No.1 song is "love me tender".
No.2 is "Can't help falling in love."
Presley's songs.
I sang those songs many times to her. We always had a lot of fun.
Whenever I sang those songs, many people comes.
They said to us, "We love those songs. Please sing one more time."
Those songs are still shine for me.
Thank you my American girlfriend. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Let me sing, "Love me tender" Vol1

This year, I will be 59 year-old. Not young. The first step of ELDERLY PEOPLE.
Nowadays, I remember my younger days. I don't know the reason.
My twenties, I spent so good days with an American girlfriend.
Whenever I met her, I sang, "Love me tender. A very good song.
After sang, We went restaurants. a lot of countries restaurants.
We had a lot of fun all the time.
My girlfriend was a beautiful girl. So a beautiful girl.
Whenever She kissed me. I got a big pleasure.