Friday, May 31, 2013

"COME BACK ELVIS PRESLEY" Many people say so.

"Come back Elvis Presley." Many people of all over the world say so.
His voice comforts many people all over the world still now.
Many people of Modern times spend,
People say,
"I can't understand what I should do."
At that time they listen to Elvis Presley's songs.
His songs always give DREAMS HAPPINESS WISHES to them.
People know that Elvis lives in HEAVEN now.
They want to come back ELVIS PRESLEY this world again.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Please accept President Obama's request.
Oklahoma's tornado case is very serious more than your thought.
This morning President Obama mailed me,
Let's help Oklahoma. Let's help U.S.A.
To help each other is very important as you know.
Let me say again.

President Mr. Barack Obama. Thank you for sending me your mail.

President Mr. Barack Obama. Thank you very much for sending me your mail.
I read your letter exciting my heart.
I knew your aggressive daily activities.
I appreciate your job.
President Mr. Barack Obama. You are TOP LEADER not only U.S.A. but also THE WORLD.
I know your daily life isn't easy.
Situation isn't easy.
But you must work for People not only People of U.S.A. but also People all of the world.
Do your best.
I always on your side.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Please teach REAL ENGILISH to Japanese people.

Please teach REAL ENGLISH to Japanese people.
Japanese people learn English so hard from kids to Adults.
Do they speak English very well?
So sad.
When I say, "How are you?"
Almost Japanese people say,
"I'm fine thank you and you?"
When I say, "What's up?"
70% Japanese people can't answer.
When I say, "have you been?"
90% Japanese people can't answer.
This is the first step of English education.
And the strict truth of Japanese English education.
Japan need many good English teachers.
Please teach REAL ENGLISH to Japanese English.

Does your country have the policy of foods?

Does your country have the policy of foods?
Near the future, People all over the world will be suffering from lack of foods.
Each government must seek the way how to get the foods.
Now many countries are suffering from lack of foods already.
Such countries will increase near the future.
Finally, the big war may happen to get foods.
We must consider this issue seriously.
And we must make the measure seriously.
For the world future.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Who improves the situation of Asia? U.S.A.?

Who improves the situation of Asia? U.S.A.
China, North Korea, South Korea never know THE DANGER OF THEIR COUNTRIES.
Their countries economics situation isn't good.
May be their countries economics will become worse and worse.
Who improves the situation? Who helps the situation?
Finally The war may occur in Korean Peninsula.
To negotiation isn't easy job.
North Korea never throw away NEW CLEAR POWER.
China, South Korea, must know this fact clearly.
Otherwise Asia will be battlefield soon.
Stop the third level tactics.
And consider how to remake the each country.
How to cooperate neighbor countries.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Let's remake middle class cities all over the world.

Let's remake middle class cities all over the world.
Now BIG CITIES all over the world are still growing.
And They are growing more and more.
But nowadays, many middle class cities became ghost towns.
We must remake and rebuild our middle class cities.
Let's make them powerful cities our bright future.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Osaka Mayor(Japan) Hashimoto is going to Apologize May 27

Osaka Mayor(Japan) Hashimoto is  going to Apologize to American forces for his series  of his remarks.
He said before, "I'm not going to apologize my remarks."
But now, he said to everybody, "I must apologize American forces."
May be Hashimoto realized that his remarks were so bad.
People of all over the world is very angry his bad remarks.
"During second world war's COMFORT WOMEN  was necessary. And American soldiers had better use ADULT ENTERTAINMENT."
Mr. Hashimoto, you had better apologize not only AMERICAN FORCES but also PEOPLE OF ALL OVER THE WORLD.
Please show your common sense.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Look Japan's case Money game is very dangerous.

Today's Japan Times said,
"Nikkei dives 7% ends below 14,500 . Tokyo's Nikkei stock index falls down more than 7 % to end below 14,500 as selling triggered by week Chinese data outpaced  sharp gains made earlier."
What do you think about this?
I think That Japan's Money Game, "ABENOMICS" is very dangerous.
I always say, "Money game produce nothing. Only dangerous."
Japanese Government must the measure of this bad situation.
Let me say again,
"Money game is very dangerous."

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Let's make the international support system of disasters, crisis, etc.

At first, please accept my condolences for victims by the tornado in Oklahoma.
A very terrible disaster occurred in Oklahoma.
So, let's make the international support system of disasters, crisis etc.
Nowadays, a big earthquake, a big tornado, etc occurred many places in this world.
We must help each other even though many countries.
That action will make the trust of bilateral and the new society of the world.
We are the same earth people.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

American President Mr. Obama's daily life.

Nowadays, American President Mr. Barack Obama's hair has changed.
Just a little bit white hair exists.
His daily life isn't easy.
He works so hard every day and faces a lot of Hard jobs.
Mr. Obama must work not only American President but also the leader of the world.
He must leave a lot of treasures for people of after the world.
People of after the world say,
"The beginning of 21 century was very important days for us. It's the turning point of the people."
Mr. Obama. Take care your heath and do your best.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Rich and Poor will be bigger and bigger world-wide-level.

The difference between Rich and Poor will be bigger and bigger world-wide-level.
Near the future the battle will occur many places in this world.
Who resolve such battles?
Top leaders of this world?
May be NO.
They can nothing.
We must prepare that.
The situation is very serious.
Top leaders of this world.
Please consider the difference between Rich and Poor.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

What do you think about TEEN AGE LOVE? Good or No?

What do you think about TEEN AGE LOVE? Good or No?
Many times, 12-year-old girl asked me,
"Hi Seiji. Just I fall in love with a guy."
I answer,
She said again,
"I wanna love him."
"You mean SEX."
"Yes Seiji."
I was very surprised and said,
"NO. It's the against the law."
Constitution of many countries of this world said,
"To love under 13 or 14 year-old girl is against the law."
We must reconsider WHAT  TEEN AGE LOVE IS.
It's time to do that.
Because their darkness loves are so dangerous not only kids but also Adults.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Now we're just walking in the road to the future.

Now we're just walking in the road to the future.
We are facing the turning point of the world history.
Do you know?
Modern times is very important days for the people of the world to the future.
We must consider our bright future and must make that.
To our children to our grand children.
We are very important people.
We must recognize that to the people of the future.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Near the future, almost high level students will come U.S.A.

Near the future, almost students of the world will come U.S.A.
And after they learned the universities of U.S.A., They hope to live there.
Actually, U.S.A. will make the new U.S.A, and keep the power.
Many countries will lose the power.
Because High level people never live their countries.
Is this situation O.K.?
I can't understand.
To leaders of all of the world
Please check universities of your countries.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Do you know White American's Anxiety?

Do you know White American's Anxiety?
"Near the future, U.S.A. will change completely."
This thing.
Because many many people from Asia, South America and all of the world.
Many friends of White American said,
"We are real American. We love real America. America never change please."
This opinion is very important.
New people of American had better respect them.
Otherwise, U.S.A. will be,
Do you know?
This problem is very serious but American people must overcome this big problem.
Please make bright America..

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Your country can utilize young people power?

Your country can utilize young people power?
Yes or No?
The country that can utilize young people power, he will get a big prosperity near the future.
On the contrary,
The country that can't utilize young people power, his power will be down and down.
From now, to communicate young people is very important.
We must make bright future in this world.
So we must utilize young people power.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Many people will come U.S.A. more and more from now..

Many people will come U.S.A. more and more from now.
American leaders recognize that?
May be YES.
But 50%.
Many people don't satisfied their own countries.
Not only poor people but also rich people and high educated people.
And near the future, Many countries in this world will be death countries.
So many many boat people will come to U.S.A.
American leaders must make  measure of immigrants rapidly. 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Can American people keep old good America?

Modern U.S.A, many many new people came this land from all of the world.
Many American people who live in U.S.A from old days are anxious about,
"America has changed, We can't suppose the future of this country."
"Can we keep old good America?"
Let me say my opinion about this.
"Absolutely, American people can keep old good America and new people of U.S.A. respect old good America."
New people of U.S.A. respect old American people's spirit and mind.
Don't worry.
First education of new people of U.S.A. is very important.
At first they are suffering from a lot of differences.
But finally they will become American good citizens.
Let me say again.
First education is very important.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Old Americans and New Americans can make NEW U.S.A.?

Old Americans and New Americans can make NEW U.S.A?
Old American means not elderly people.
They live in U.S.A. several generations.
And now U.S.A., many many people came this land.
They have different cultures and different histories.
Can this New Americans make a friendship old Americans?
May be NO.
A lot of FRICTIONS exist.
Making a friendship between Old Americans and New American isn't easy.
But They must make ONE U.S.A.
If they fail that, the future of U.S.A. will be so dark.
Try, Try Try,
Making One U.S.A. and New U.S.A.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pay attention Asia. Situation is very strict.

Pay attention Asia. Situation is very strict.
Now China did a big sanction against North Korea.
Do you read North Korea's next action?
I can't do.
May be North Korean young leader is suffering from many things now.
I guess, "Finally the battle between China and North Korean leader Kim family will begin."
Very dangerous. Look Asia and Pay attention for our good future.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Prime Minister of Japan Mr. Abe. Please think, "FOODS REVOLUTION"

Japan must lead the foods of the future.
Prime minister of Japan Mr.Abe, Please be leader of the world foods field.
Change agriculture from SMALL BUSINESS to BIG BUSINESS.
And Let's take place, "FOODS REVOLUTION " at first in this world.
Change idea FOODS.
Make new foods.
From 10 yen(about 10 cent) to 500 yen(about $5) for all generations people.
Use traditional Japanese foods.
Make new cakes new cookies new hot dogs new hamburgers new sandwiches.
Let's make FOODS COUNTRY Japan.
Let's me say again.
Prime Minister of Japan Mr.Abe.  Let's take place "FOODS REVOLUTION"

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Let's improve Foods of Middle Class people.

Let's improve Foods of Middle Class People world wide level.
Almost countries has a lot of differences between Rich and Poor.
That become bigger and bigger now.
We must consider new foods and good foods of Middle Class People
otherwise, near the future, we aren't able to get any foods of Middle Class People as you know.
Your country prepare good enough foods for Middle Class People?
May be NO.
We must improve the situation of foods not only Middle Class but also all people's foods world-wide level.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Let's create the world where people can make a good love at any age.

Love is a essential thing for human being to spend a good daily life.
People seek a true love every day.
Especially over 60-year-old people.
They want to get a true love eagerly.
But that isn't a easy job.
There are many many lonely heart over 60-year-old people in this world.
Almost people of them spend,
We must change this situation.
Let's create the world where people can make a good love at any age. 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Let's think about a menace of China.

Let's think about a menace of China.
China has a big body but a thought is only a kids level.
China never know the basic knowledge of the economy.
Therefore China push a pre-modern policy.
Big bad boy's ambition of the territory is great too.
He is going to control the Korean Peninsula Japan
ASEAN nations.
The world cooperate many things against China.
Pay attention.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Let's progress agriculture new industry.

What do you think about agriculture?
Out of Date?
Farmer's small business?
My answer is NO.
Now, agriculture is a big business.
A very important business for People of the world.
Change agriculture from Small business to Big business.
People never can live without foods as you know.
From now Agriculture is a very important business.  

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


American dream again.
The American leader make the land where people can have a big dream.
American people want to say,
The American leader must understand this wish of people.
American people never want hopeless society.