Sunday, September 30, 2012

Japanese Prime Minister Mr. Noda's Struggle

Japanese Prime Minister, Mr. Noda is struggling many things under the table.
He is anxious about next THE GENERAL ELECTION.
Almost people say,
"Mr. Noda's DPJ party will lose next election."
Mr. Noda. His surface is cool. But he is so irritated.
People never know that.
He tried to get young people supporter.
I know his efforts.
Listen my opinion Mr. Noda.
Of course, Young people supporter is very important.
You must know that elderly people supporter is more important.
Because there is a big elderly people's land in Japan.
Now Japan has two countries,
One is under 60 year-old people's Land. The other is Over 60 year-old people's land.
Japanese Prime Minister, Mr. Noda. Please know that immediately.  

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Let me introduce the opinion that Chinese in Japan.

In Japan, many Chinese people live many places.
Let me introduce their real heart.
Now China says many things to Japan.
Chinese leader's speeches escalate day by day.
I asked Chinese people in Japan That What they thought that.
Most Chinese people say,
"China had better not say such a thing."
I said to them, "Why?"
They answered, "Now, not only Asian economics but also World economics are confusing. Maybe Chinese leaders never know that."
To Chinese leaders,
"Listen the real heart opinion not only Chinese in Japan but also Chinese all of the world."
For Asia. For World.

Friday, September 28, 2012

The Inside of China.

Now the relation between Japan and China is very strict.
China blame Japan so heavy.
Why? Why? Why?
About Senkaku Islands issue?????
I don't think so.
China has many big explosives inside.
China must show the big power it's people.
We know that many people of China have the big frustrations.
Chinese government is afraid of Chinese people's complaint.
And China will change the top leader soon.
The new leader must show his power.
So China says many things.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

People expect Mr.Sinzo Abe.

Not only Japanese people but also people of Foreign countries expect Mr. Sinzo Abe  New president of Liberal Democratic Party of Japan.
He was the former Prime Minister of Japan.
People know that Mr. Abe has a big power.
people say, "Japanese Prime Minister can do nothing. Mr. Abe will take over the Govrnment of Japan."
Japan ,must change and have a big power again.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sinzo Abe became new president of LDP Japan

Sinzo Abe became new president of liberal Democratic Party Japan.
Is he able to win the next election?
Is he able to be the Prime Minister of Japan?
Now the situation of Japan is so difficult. Not easy.
Relation of U.S.A. Relationship of China. Relation of Korea.
Is he able to change Japan?
Many people expect that.
Is Sinzo Abe able to take over the GOVERNMENT.
Many people hope so.

Let's throw away the battle and make the real worldwide level network.

Do you love the earth?
Do you love this world?
Of course, I love that.
May be you too.
Almost people of the world think so too.
But unfortunately, A lot of battles in this world still now.
People love battle? People love wars?
All people love peace.
Let's quit battles.
Let's quit wars.
And make the real word-wide level net work for the world future and children. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

What does Japanese Prime Minister have POWER?

Mr. Noda became the president of Democratic Party of Japan.(DPJ)
He reshuffle his cabinet. DPJ will have a big power again????
I hope so. But the situation is very strict.
Japanese Prime Minister must do many things to rebuild Japan.
People say, "Mr.Noda always think that the friendship and good relationship of DPJ members.
Japanese law makers aren't high school students.
Does Mr. Noda know that?
Please do as Professional.
Mr. Noda isn't the president of high school.
Mr. Noda is the Prime Minister of Japan.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Economics recover Japan and U.S. is very important.

Economics recover is very important thing not only Japan and U.S. but also many countries all of the world.
But. It's not easy job for both countries  to recover economics.
People say many things. But only mouth. That has no power.
Japan and U.S. must find the right way to recover economics both countries in a hurry.
And let's rebuild the good countries together.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Let's say to China and Chinese people, " You never walk alone."

China became bigger and bigger. But He has no friends in this world.
People say, "China is lonely as a big lonely bear."
Sometimes his power is very DANGEROUS for the world.
So, let's say and send to the words to China and Chinese people,
"You never walk alone. You are not lonely. We on your side."
And also say,
"You are a valuable and important member of the world."
Near the future, China will be a good leader of the world.

Friday, September 21, 2012

What does China want to say?

What does China want to say?
China want to say, "Don't be fool Japan. Nowadays Japan is very rude. Japan and Japanese people had better know the strong power of China."
Of course Japanese people know the power of China.
And Japan and Japanese people know the fact, "China is lonely bear."
He has many big problems in his inside.
Where is he going to?
What is he going to do?
Nobody knows.
People of the world hope that he will be a real gentle man.
May be you think so too.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The relation between Japan and China

China is afraid of The alliance between Japan and U.S.
Now, Japan and U.S. make big friendship.
And the leaders of U.S. attitude toward China is so strong.
China is a lonely heart man.
Also China has many big problem.
Japan knows that.
Japan is going to help China.
China knows that?????
The relation between Japan and U.S. is very important.
And also relation between Japan and China is very important too.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What does Japan have to say China?

Now, Japan and China has a big trouble.
China says, "Senkaku island is our island. That isn't Japan's island."
Many big strikes occurred many places in China.
Chinese people said, "Senkaku island is our island Japan must get way."
Only this problem made a big trouble??????
I don't think so.
China became a big country rapidly. They became rich.
But China isn't a real rich country.
China has many troubles and many problem.
They can't resolve that by themselves.
China need the big help.
Do you know and comprehend their mind?
Their action told us that.
Japan must help China.