Monday, April 18, 2016

We must have the idea that we are people of the earth.

Now, egoistic countries exist. egoistic leaders exist.

It's the saddest thing for people of the world to make the world peace.

Near the future, U.S.A. Canada. Australia. Japan. must support people of this world.

Over 7 billion people.

How do they support over 7 billion people?

I don't know.

In this world, Middle East countries are confusing so much.

The power of European countries are down and down.

And also the power of South American countries are down and down.

China and Russia will be poor countries again soon.

How about Asia, Africa?

Future isn't easy.

We must change idea to survive together.

We must make support system.

Those 4 countries never support 7 billion refugees.

So we must have same idea that we are people of the earth.

And finally, let's make one country in this world.

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