Thursday, April 7, 2016

Russian President Putin, don't help North Korea. And do you become dictator?

Mr. Putin, Listen my words.

A few years ago, I said, "Mr. Putin must explain your policy to the people of the world."

After a few days after, you explain your policy in Russian T.V.

This news was picked up by many countries. I could watch that.

I felt that Mr. Putin tried to build new Russia. I appreciated your job.

But now, you help North Korea. Many leaders, many people are very angry.

And you set up a large number of bodyguards.

They always check people's daily life. Very dangerous.

You became a dangerous dictator as Hitler. So sad.

Your idea is out of date. You will destroy the country of Russia.

Change your idea immediately.

Mr. Putin this world becomes new days. Old fashioned idea is very dangerous not only your

country but also many countries of this world.

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