Thursday, February 24, 2011

The short story novel, " The cat called Mari." No6 by Seiji Ninomiya

In 1941 summer, Johnson family went to the beach  Saka in Aki county near the Hiroshima.
That area was covered with Military color.
Susie feels that the war will begin soon. She plays  in the beach with cat Mari.
" Very pretty." Japanese boy said to said to Susie. The boy's name is Ken.
Susie and Ken play together for a while.
" If the war begin soon, you will be able to take care of Mari." She said to him.
" Yes, of course. After war finished come back to Japan Susie." he answered.
Susie cries with tears. and said " thank you very much. I wish Mari's good days.
" I love Japan."
" I love U.S."
They said to each other.

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