Friday, February 18, 2011

The short story novel,. The cat called Mari No1 18/2/2010

1941, An American family lived in Hiroshima. The family name is johnsons. At that time, World Situation is
very strict.
One night of spring, Father said to thier children," We must go home in U.S."
Children answered Father," We know the situation. The war will begin soon,"
Daugther said to Father again, "Oh Daddy,  can we go home with the cat Mari,"
Father said to their children, " Very sorry, I must say No,"
Daugther Susie cried and caried when father said to her the words.
" Why ,Why, Why, Why War, I hete War" Susie shouted.
" Very sorry" Father said to her daugther.
The relatoin between Japan and U.S. is worse and worse day by day.

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