Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The short story novel, " The cat called Mari." No4

 " This place Kure is very strict when people walk Kure town even though Japanese people."
the navy soldier said.  
" I know the situation."  Mr. Johnson answered.
" Why did you walk aroud Kure city? " high level officer said.
" I must teach English students in Kure city. "  Mr. Johnson answred.
After that, the special police check Mr. Johnson.
He wasn't able to teach English at that day.
Mr. Johnson said to his family when he backed to home, " Soon the war will begin,"
" May I back to U.S. with Mari?" " Mari said to his father.
" No, may be the ship is very crowded." He said to his daugther.
The cat Mari plays with her family as ususal because she doesn't know the strict situation.

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