Friday, July 28, 2017

Is 21st century Female's period? High level female workers modern times.

Is 21st century Female's period? How about high level workers modern times?

Today, Japanese S.D.F. minister Tomomi Inada resign her job.

Do you know Japanese S.D.F? It's Self Defense Force.

Japanese army, Japanese navy, Japanese air force.

The body of Japanese S.D.F. isn't good.

Out of Date. Weak. Not good system.

Ms. Tomomi Inada is always suffering from many things.

Nobody help and assist her.

On the contrary, many people bashed her.

To control S.D.F. isn't easy.

I think many  high level female workers exist as Ms Tomomi Inada.

The situation isn't good.

Is 21st century Female's period?

I don't think so.

I love female's ability. Someday Female's day will come absolutely.

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