Sunday, October 23, 2016

What does Mr. Trump's words, "Nasty woman" make? Only misunderstadning.

What does Mr. Trump's words, "Nasty woman" make?

"Only misunderstanding" Almost American people said so.

Now many many people of the world began to say,

"Mr. Trump can't become a good President of U.S.A."

"We can't trust him."

Mr. Trump's words, "Nasty woman" brought him disaster.

He never improve the his style that he says the terrible words to others.

I know that many people in U.S. support Mr. Trump still now.

But, is Mr. Trump able to be a good president of U.S.A.?

I don't think so.

People of U.S.A. must think who best president of U.S.A. is seriously.

I believe American people's good decision.

And will you know that American President is the leader of the world.

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