Thursday, November 12, 2015

Who can build THE NEW U.S.A? Mis. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Who can build their THE NEW U.S.A?
Of course, Mis. Hillary Rodham Clinton.
Let me explain the situation.
Now, this world is very strict. People can't live their countries.
So a lot of people of the world will try to go U.S.A.
At first, many troubles, many times many places, in U.S.A.
But People never stop trying to go U.S.A.
New American people will appear soon.
People who never speak English.
People who never comprehend American culture.
People who never know American rules.
Mis. Hillary Rodham Clinton can lead them gently and softly.
And she can build THE U.S.A.
She will be able to become THE GOOD PRESIDENT OF U.S.A.

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