Monday, July 6, 2015

Nowadays, South Korea says very rude thing to Japan. Need money?

South Korea says,"Japan must pay good enough money to South Korea."
South Korea always says and always does, "ANTI JAPAN CAMPAIGN"
And also said, "Japan and Japanese soldiers did a lot of rude things. So Japan must pay money."
People of South Korea, please say the truth. Don't say fake history.
Japan paid good enough money already as you know.
Japan can't pay money any more.
If South Korea want to help, say, "Help us."
Japan say, "Oh yes."
This time, South Korea said to Japan, "Forced labor during World War Ⅱ.
Please show the evidence.
Near the future, South Korea will be Greece case.
At that time, don't expect Japan's help.
Now Japanese people are very angry.
Japanese people are never happy the decision of world heritages
South Korean people, you must know that.

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