Saturday, September 6, 2014

United Nations"Commission on Human Rights" made a big mistake.

Let me tell you the fact about Korean comfort women during the World War Ⅱ.
At first Japanese news paper Asahi's Yoshida testimony isn't the fact. That is fake.
Asahi admitted that. But Asahi never apologized that.
Let me say the very important thing.
There is no fact that Japanese authorities took comfortable women by force.
Of course many comfortable women existed in Korea at that time.
But they have no relation to Japanese force.
Japan apologized South Korea many times and paid much money to South Korea already.
United Nations must check about issue of comfortable women in South Korea during World War Ⅱ again.
And show the strong evidence that Japan took comfortable women by force.
Let me say again.
Japan apologized and paid much money many times though no evidence.
Show the fact.
Show the strong evidence.

Thank you.
Seiji Ninomiya

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