Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mis. Hillary Clinton. Try! And you should be!

Mis. Hillary Clinton.
Try! And you should be!
Now the world, each country is suffering from AGING.
Almost countries of this world are AGING SOCIETY.
Situation is very dangerous.
And almost countries of this world have the big river that nobody can across it.
The river, sometimes it's peaceful and sometimes wide and free.
The river flows between over 60 year-old people and under 60 year-old.
Young people often say, "I can't understand BABY BOOMERS TALK."
And say, "I hate BABY BOOMERS TALK."
Somebody said, "We need interpreter when we talk baby boomers."
Those ideas make a big prejudice.
Very dangerous.
Mis. Hillary Clinton. You are a baby boomer generation.
So, will you try election of next President of U.S.A.?
And will you conquest the big generation gap?
Will you make the new bright U.S.A.?
This is model case of the world.
Mis. Hillary Clinton. You are the first female of new days of the world and will be the first female President of U.S.A.
I hope so eagerly.

Thank you.
Seiji Ninomiya.  

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