Monday, October 1, 2012

Japanese Prime Minister Mr. Noda's Struggle P2

Japanese Prime Minister Mr. Noda is going to pick up Female Law-Maker Mis Makiko Tanaka.
She will became one of Ministers. She is 68 year-old now.
She is the daughter of former Prime Minister of Japan Mr. Kakuei Tanaka.
Mr.Noda might read my yesterday's blog.  
His choice is very good. because In Japan, Over sixty year-old women are sleeping now.
She became a bright star of over sixty year-old women.
And now Mr. Noda had better pick up Forties, Fifties female law-makers.
Japanese people must abolish the big generation gap between under 60 and over 60.
Mr.Noda's choice of this time is very good. 

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